‘Why don’t we send an entry into Chelsea Flower Show?’ said Tess. Buoyed by the Silver-Gilt medal at RHS Malvern’s Autumn Show, Tess and Beth had definitely been bitten by the flower show bug and Ruth and I were up for anything so I did a few doodles and the team choose their favourite design. Off it went across the Tinternet and that was that. We really didn’t expect to get in because we’d heard on the grapevine the RHS had already received  2500 entries for the Floristry classes. And after all – a place at Chelsea – well that doesn’t happen to four little florists and growers in Gloucestershire does it?

So when the letter arrived in late January, it lay unopened on Beth’s desk for days – mistaken for junk mail. You couldn’t make it up. When it was opened, mass hysteria on our WhatsApp group broke out. We celebrated the very next day in our customary fashion – all talking and laughing at once, hugging , then eating a delicious chocolate cake that Beth whipped up (we are fuelled by cake at the FFC).

So now the euphoria has died down (slightly) the reality of creating a floristry exhibit worthy of the most famous flower show in the world has set in. Husbands have been briefed – its going to be a lively few months.

That’s all for now – I’m off to celebrate my 50th birthday in snowy Snowdonia.

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